Valikko Sulje

Need a bike but staying in Jyväskylä only for one semester? Rent it!

Easiest and probably the cheapest way to get a bike is to rent it. These are quality bikes which have a full warranty in case of technical problems. So you not need to worry if something gets broken. All repair costs include the rent. You can focus your studies and we will take care of your bike. Bike rent will be open again on 1st of August 2023.


One semester: only 69 euros, + 30 euros deposit which you will get back when you return the bike back.

If someone steals your bike, you don’t need to pay for it. Deposit (30 euros) will cover it.


Bikes located at Kangaskatu 52. It is only 1,5 km from University Student Village and 3 km west of the city center.

Note! There are no open hours. So, if you are coming, please call or send SMS first to arrange the meeting time. If you want a buy a bike, we do have some bikes for sale too.

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